Top 5 Controveries Of IPL

Indian Premier League(IPL) is the platform which created a huge audience all over the world. It is one of the biggest league in the world and the biggest opportunity for youngsters and underdogs. Controveries are there in big platforms like Indian Premier League. There is controveries either between two high temper players or two governing bodies. Board Of Control for Cricket In India(BCCI) took itself into some of big mess in sports and the Indian Premier League is the reason behind those conflicts. It was started in the year 2008 and from that year many controveries which created mess for BCCI as well as IPL franchisee. Due to some controveries many indian as well as overseas cricket players banned for creating mess. It is so hard to put all the controveries of Indian Premier League together but here are some of the big conflicts that was the big headlines of the year.


1. Shah Rukh Khan Banned From Wankhede Stadium.

On the night of 16 May 2012, match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians in Wankhede Stadium The Mumbai Cricket Association banned Shharukh Khan for 5 years. He will not be allowed in the Wankhede stadium for five years. The Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) president stated that Shah Rukh Khan behaviour was not proper and he was so rude to the staffs and security guards. He also added that his behaviours were not good and against the rules. Rules are for everyone and nobody can violates. Everyone will be treated equally by the governing body. He said if the rules are violated the action will be taken and it doesn't depends on who the individual is. 

Shah Rukh Khan justified his behaviour and stated the whole scenario, he said. He came to watch the game with his daughter and her friends but for some reason he went out of the stadium. After some time he returned when match was over and he saw that the staffs and security guards were manhandling the children. Then he reacted to that and ended his defending statement.

2. Harbhajan Singh Slapped S. Sreesanth (Slapgate)

The start of Indian Premier League was a great news for indian cricket fan and the fever of cricket was high in the year of 2008. The start of a big cricket tournament IPL grabbed the headlines but soon it was overshadowed by a conflict between two of the most aggressive players in cricket. It was april 2008 the match between Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab. S. Sreesanth was slapped by Harbhajan Singh who is currently the part of Chennai Super Kings but he was leading the Mumbai Indians at that time. The match between Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab which was won by Kings XI won by 66 runs. The pacer of winning side Sreesanth was so aggressive in sending off the batsman whom he dismissed, Bhajji found it offensive and slapped Sreesanth out of anger at the end of the match. Sreesanth found crying bitterly on the ground after the match. Harbhajan thought he was guilty and just after the incident he apologized to Sreesanth in Kings XI's Dressing room. For this incident Harbhajan was banned by the board for next 11 matches in the IPL 2008. 

3. The Spot Fixing Case In IPL 2013

Spot fixing and match fixing both are totally different activity. 

In spot fixing a player is arranged by a bookie and told to perform a particular activity like bowling a wide ball or loosing the wicket of himself in a decided time. The bookie opens bet for public where they bet for a particular moment of a match which is already fixed.

In Match fixing the whole match and result of the match is fixed. It is easy to get noticed but spot fixing is hard to be noticed as it's only a particular moment is fixed.

A spot fixing case was registered in 6th edition of Indian Premier League(2013). 

Spot fixing and betting case was arose when the delhi police arrested Sreesanth, Ajit Chandila and Ankeet Chavan three players of Rajasthan Royals. In this case Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings were suspended for 2 years of IPL seasons (2016 and 2017). Both teams returned in 2008 IPL season after their suspension was over.

4. Pakistan Cricket Players Banned From IPL

When Indian Premier League started every national as well as underdog cricket players were available for auction. There were 11 pakistani player were available for auction as well. In 2008 26/11 incident happened where pakistani terrorist entered mumbai illegally and attacked the whole city. It was a horrible day for mumbai as well as India, 164 people list thier life. In that terrorist attack a terrorist named Ajmal Kasab was cought and he gave the information on how they entered india(mumbai) and executed the plans. This made the IPL governing body and BCCI to ban the Pakistani players for 2009 and subsequent edition of IPL. Although pakistani players were available for auction but no franchise bought them due to political pressure and tensed situation.

5. Sri Lankan Players Were Banned For Playing In Chennai.

In 2013 there were political tension between the government of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. In 2013 it was the 6th edition of Indian Premier League where the state government of Tamil Nadu wrote a letter to the prime minister asking for a ban on Sri Lankan players playing in Chennai. The letter was written by the chief minister of Tamil Nadu J Jayalalithaa. The IPL governing body couldn't question and let the government handle the tensed and political matter. There were big names of Sri Lanka as well as World cricket like Lasith Malinga, Kumar Sangakkara, Akila Dhananjaya etc. They were not allowed to play due to some security concerns and benched in the mathes which was played in Chennai. 

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